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      1. 傳承傳統文化 發揚感恩精神

        時間:2018-04-02 16:36:39  來源:張家港市梁豐雙語實驗學校  作者:梁豐雙語實驗編輯






        伴隨著濃濃的春意, 沐浴著和煦的春風,我們一起走進了四月。唐朝大詩人杜牧曾經寫過這樣一首詩:清明時節雨紛紛,路上行人欲斷魂。借問酒家何處有?牧童遙指杏花村。這首詩可能大多數同學都已經學習過,詩中就提到了我國一個很重要的傳統節日——清明節。清明,既是我國的二十四節氣之一,又是我國最重要的祭祀節日,每年的45日,晚輩們都會在長輩的帶領下,為先祖掃墓,紀念先祖。



        Good morning!

        With the thick presence of spring and the cool spring breeze,Together we shall bring forth the month April. Du mu, a great poet of the tang dynasty, once wrote a poem: "rain falls heavily during the qingming festival, and the people on the road go on with depressed spirits. When asked where is the restaurants? The shepherd boy points towards the apricot village . This poem may have been studied by most of the students, and it refers to a very important traditional festival in our country, the qingming festival. The tomb-sweeping day, is not only one of the 24 solar terms in China, but also China's most important holiday of remembering our ancestors, every year on April 5, the younger generation will be under the guidance of their elders, to sweep the ancestral grave,and commemorate their ancestors.

        At this moment, when we gather under the bright flag, have you though that this red flag representing the republics, was dyed red by the blood and lives of the thousands of revolutionary soldiers? I believe that the hearts of the people must be filled with emotion! These heroes stood up for the independence of their motherland, and they will shed their blood for the liberation of the people. Countless heroes have written a magnificent patriotic movement with their lives. We remember them, not only for their heroic sacrifices, but also by the great value of their lives.

        Today, we have comfortable living conditions and a superior learning environment. The garden like campus, the spacious and bright classroom, the advanced teaching equipment, and the selfless teachers... We should all know that all this is hard-won! What action can we take to honour the soldiers who selflessly sacrificed themselves? We will inherit the spirit of Thanksgiving, and learn to thank our parents and all who love us in the world of life. My schoolmates, let us take action, do show filial obedience parents, care for others in the family, take concrete actions to carry forward this spirit of cultural tradition, gratitude, not only is this in the Qing Ming festival, can be used in daily life, let us forever be grateful and thankful spirits!